About Us

From the love of design as a form of expression and ethics as a way of living, comes BH Fashion Studio, the socially-aware fashion label which has created the first unique specific t-shirts collection dedicated entirely to the Universal declaration of Human Rights, as stated by the United Nations in 1948, in the task of combining trendy style with a powerful message.

BH Fashion Studio was founded by Alessia Bighi, Italian fashion designer who has been working in the fashion field for 30 years.
Our dynamic team, with solid professional experience, pays constant attention to trends, lifestyles and changes that lead to interior growth, but above all to the aspirations which are the driving force of progress and the future.

We believe in our dreams and we are convinced that if all of us do something, little as it may be, we can change the world, because the world is made up, above all, of the people we meet every day.
Our dream is to spread the knowledge of Human Rights, to raise awareness among ourselves and others (and from this to bring about change), through the means of expression closest to us: design, to wear and to display!
So we have created a collection of 30 designs, one for each of the main Human Rights, each design being a single expression of the intrinsic meaning and making of its wearer a deliberate spokesperson.

The edgy style of our T-shirts is aimed at the young – but not only in age! – as it is in their hands, their minds and values that the future of the world lies.

We all have power to change things; not through titanic utopian efforts, but one step at a time, in our small everyday choices, together.
There is power in a dream, there is power in a message, there is power in the beating of our hearts.
Beating Hearts: hence the name of our label and collection. For if it is true that two hearts may beat as one, in the same rhythm of life ten, a hundred, a thousand, millions, billions of people share it; a single beating, a single being: humanity.


From Alessia, a huge thank you to a special person:

Maria Giovanna Bianchi, United Nations Human Rights Officer: untiring defender of human rights who dedicates large part of her commitment to the defense of women’s and children’s rights together with other minorities in every corner of the planet, an incredible woman, brimful of courage, intelligence and affability but above all a great friend since childhood, a continual source of inspiration (and fun!) for me. Without her, this project would not have been conceived. Thank you Giò!