Our Philosophy

In a world that feels a growing need for a ‘global conscience’, a new ethic is taking root in society, bringing with it a slow but real change both in the health of our planet and in human destiny.

We believe in our dreams and we are convinced that if all of us do something, little as it may be, we can change the world, because the world is made up, above all, of the people we meet every day.
With this in mind, we have transformed our passion for fashion and design into a means to bring about change.
What we wear speaks volumes about who we are, our style, the way we are and what we believe in. As a form of expression, the image is part of our times, a fundamental part.
Thus the t-shirt – that universal garment and ideal canvas for expression through imagery – can carry a message, have an impact, be an instrument of freedom.

We live in an interconnected time and world full of images, but since very ancient times the people have acted on the need to design their beliefs, their dreams, their protests upon walls and any kind of materials, unfolding the essence of their ‘graffiti soul’.
The same soul we have given to the powerful and planetary message of the Universal Declaration, expressed with the creation of a unique collection of 30 designs, one for each of the main Human Rights, each design being a single expression of the intrinsic meaning and making of its wearer a deliberate spokesperson. The collection is completed by a special t-shirt which features the entire Universal Declaration.
The message to be transmitted through our edgy t-shirts is the basic ideal of fair existence: Human Rights, each of them extremely important for every human being, for his forming, his maturation, his liberty, his dignity.

The Beating Hearts t-shirts are ethical not only in the message they bear but also in their very nature:

  • They are made of 100% pure organic cotton, using the highest quality material. Soft and naturally hypoallergenic, organic cotton is produced without the use of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
  • Screen printing is done with environmentally friendly water-based colours.
  • With respect to Human Rights and socially responsible manufacturing, they are made sweatshop free with no child labour.
  • Your voice will have a truly important impact. 20% of the purchase proceeds will go to OHCHR – Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights – for its projects around the world.

Hence, by purchasing and wearing a Beating Hearts t-shirt you will become a spokesperson for Human Rights and you will be defending these Rights with concrete actions.

We all have power to change things; not through titanic utopian efforts, but one step at a time, in our small everyday choices, together.

There is power in a dream, there is power in a message, there is power in the beating of our hearts. Beating Hearts: hence the name of our collection. For if it is true that two hearts may beat as one, in the same rhythm of life ten, a hundred, a thousand, millions, billions of people share it; a single beating, a single being: humanity.

“It is our actions which count. Thoughts, however good in themselves,
are like false pearls unless they are translated into action.
You must become the change you want to see in the world”.